Feeling Lost When It Comes to All the Web Stuff?!

A few years ago I attended a mindfulness conference, hosted by a group of fantastic healers with amazing messages.

Excited to dive deeper into their work, I remember looking for their online presence and was surprised at what I found.

Their websites were no match to the amazing words they spoke at this conference!

I kept thinking about how many people would benefit from their messages. If only they were able to easily find them AND if their talents and gifts were clearly conveyed.

I was excited about the information they were sharing with the world, however, I wanted everyone to be able to find it.

The INFJ in me wanted to help them all!

With my background in marketing, website growth and development, and writing, I am so thrilled to be able to help YOU grow your spiritual businesses.

You have amazing messages that the world needs to hear.

You are making the world a better place, doing what you do.

I would love to help your business grow, doing what I do.

Focus On Your Sacred Work

Focus on the part of your business that you love – your sacred work, and let me help you with the rest! Below are three options to work with me, but feel free to contact me if you have other ideas or needs.

Spiritual Site Creation Course

Everything you need to know to build a beautiful, smart, and soulful website (even if you aren’t tech-savvy).

This includes step-by-step videos on how to create your own WordPress website – from start to finish. This includes videos on how to set up your domain, hosting, theme, email marketing, scheduler, and more! It also includes tutorials on how to design your website.

It includes six modules, all of which are immediately available to you.

Hourly Webwork

This can include website creation, creating or updating pages, starting a blog, WordPress basics, SEO Support, business growth strategies, email marketing support, and more.

Customized Website

Included is a custom website page design, two one-on-one sessions, one custom-recorded teaching video, fundamental content and website SEO, page creation for three blog posts or videos, necessary plug-ins, email marketing setup, and more.

When Your Work Lights You Up

Helping others grow their spiritual businesses is one of my passions.

Yet, I also love helping anyone who is doing their soul-led work. This means work that is truly aligned with your soul’s purpose.

If you are doing work that fills you up, lights you up, and you know it is your job to share these special gifts, then you are doing your sacred work!

Whether you are a reiki teacher just starting a business, an auto mechanic looking to get your shop online, or a photographer who would love to make her dream job her day job, reach out to me.

Ready to Get Started?

Work With Me

Interested in finding out more about business coaching or web services for spiritual businesses?! Be sure to contact me for more information.

More on Mindfulness

Here is where I share my stories and their connection to mindfulness, healing, love, and spirituality. Be sure to check these stories out, as they have beautiful healing messages and advice. I’m so honored to share these with you. It is my hope that they inspire you find and spread your light brighter than ever before.

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