the ultimate course for creating soulful websites

Spiritual Site Creation

This course includes everything you need to build a beautiful, smart, and soulful website!

Spiritual Site

The ultimate course for creating beautiful, smart, & soulful websites

Ready to create an online presence for your sacred work?

Spiritual Site Creation is designed to guide you through creating your website – from start to finish. The course will show you everything from how to set up your domain, to the importance of using WordPress as your site builder, to designing your spiritual site.

However, it doesn’t end there though! You will be guided through absolutely everything you need to launch your website, including optimizing images, connecting social media, choosing an email marketing company, and including an appointment scheduler.

The course also is filled with tried and true tips on everything from hosting to theme recommendations to website design to plug-ins.

The cost of the course is a one-time cost of $175.

This course uses WordPress as its website builder, as it is an amazing platform, with endless options. It is also the industry standard.

Module 1:
Website Basics

Four simple videos that provide you with a basic understanding of creating your own website.

You’ll also learn what a domain is, why to use WordPress as your site builder, what hosting is, and the importance of an SSL certificate.

Module 2:
Setting up the Backend

Module Two is exciting, as it walks you through the process of setting up the backend of your website.

Specifically, it includes setting up your domain, your hosting, your SSL, your business email, and also WordPress readiness!

Module 3:
Choosing & Setting Up Theme

Module Three is all about setting up your website’s theme. In this module, you will be shown your options for themes, as well as be guided through the process of installing the theme on your spiritual site.

Module 4:
Starting Your Website

Module Four is all about starting your spiritual website! It includes an overview of the WordPress Customizer and also the dashboard. Additionally, you’ll learn how to add your logo, adjust your header and footer accordingly.

Module 5:
Designing Your Website

Module Five guides you through your website design! You’ll be guided through WordPress design within your theme, including an introduction to blocks and also adjusting for cell phone view. You’ll also learn all about images and resizing.

Module 6:
Taking it to the Next Level

Module Six is another exciting one! Here you’ll learn all about blog posts and SEO. You’ll be introduced to email marketing and also appointment scheduler options. You’ll also be guided through embedded Paypal buttons and more.

Easy, Follow-Along Videos!

The whole spiritual website creation course is about 4 hours of videos, divided into six modules (plus a bonus module)! Most videos are under 10 minutes to deliver the content in a concise, simple way. Only one video is over 15 minutes.

Each video guides you through the steps. You can set up your website as you are watching the videos and pause where needed.

The cost of the course is a one-time cost of $175.

Please note, in this course, you’ll be guided through acquiring your domain and web hosting. These have a yearly cost. In the course, I show you an amazing deal (not affiliated), where you can get a domain, hosting, WordPress setup, a business email, and SSL all for under $40.

No matter what course or company you use to create your website, you will always have a yearly domain and hosting cost. Think of it as a business cost, such as the cost of renting your storefront.

Easily Create Your Website

In this spiritual website creation course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create your domain
  • Set up web hosting
  • Set up your SSL certificate
  • Establish your business email
  • Connect to WordPress
  • Choose & install your theme
  • Navigate your WordPress customizer and dashboard (and Gutenberg)
  • Set up your header/footer
  • Establish your privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms of use
  • Design your website using your theme and Gutenberg
  • Adjust your website design for cell phone view
  • Connect your social media
  • Set up blog posts – including alt text, meta descriptions, URLs, and more
  • SEO Overview
  • Add appointment booking functionality to your site
  • Launch email marketing functionality to your site
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Embed Paypal buttons
  • BONUS: How to connect Google Analytics
  • BONUS: How to use basic Canva design

Spiritual Website Creation FAQs

What if I’m not tech-savvy?

That is perfectly okay! These are step-by-step videos that guide you through – perfect for beginners! Additionally, as long as you have basic computer skills (opening websites, typing, saving, etc), you can create your own website! This spiritual website creation course is designed for ANYONE to be able to create their own spiritual site, regardless of their tech abilities.

How much does it cost for my domain and hosting?

You are responsible for paying for your own domain and hosting. If you follow the steps in the video, you can get your domain, hosting with WordPress, business email, and SSL certificate all for under $40 for the first year. This is an extremely competitive rate! Most hosting/domain plans are much more! For subsequent years, be sure to check the plan as you pay. Again, they have very competitive pricing, so you should be satisfied. However, if you wish to switch hosting after the first year, this is easy to do.

Are there any other costs, besides domain and hosting?

Every plug-in that I recommend is free. I also give free options for email marketing and an online appointment booker. The only other cost there would be if you choose to have a special theme. There are free and paid theme options available. If you choose a paid theme (these are all through third-party companies), it is a one-time cost. Also, if you choose to have tech support after you build your website, there is a cost for this. There are third-party companies that offer this.

How quickly can I get my website up?

This really depends on how much time you dedicate to your website. The course videos total around 4 hours. And, this is broken up into 7 modules (6 main modules plus a bonus). The first module totals around 15 minutes, so that is a quick one. If you are ready with your domain name, you’ll be able to quickly move through the backend module too (which is around 25 minutes total). Additionally, if you have a couple of hours to get started, you could be on Module 3 or 4 right away!

How long are the videos?

Most videos are under ten minutes. There’s just one video that is above 15 minutes. Additionally, the videos are designed to give you the information in short, easy steps, so you can easily and productively follow along.

Do I have access to all modules right away?

Yes! The entire course is available to you right away, so you can move through it as quickly as you’d like.

What if I want to use another website platform (other than WordPress)?

If you are set on creating a website without using WordPress, this is not the course for you. This course uses WordPress as its platform. Self-hosted WordPress sites are the industry standard.

This course looks awesome, but I don’t have a spiritual business. Can I still use your course?

Absolutely! The course is mainly geared toward spiritual sites, but anyone can follow along. So, if you would like to use it anyway – you are more than welcome.

Are you affiliated with any of the companies you recommend?

No, I’m not affiliated with any of the companies. I don’t even have coupon codes. Each company I recommend is one that I have personally used and loved. All of the research on this (which is very time-consuming) has been done for you.

Do you give recommendations for email marketing companies and appointment booking companies?

Yes, within the course modules, I give free and paid recommendations for email marketing companies. I also give a free and paid recommendation for appointment scheduling/booking. Both the free and paid versions have PayPal connection options! I understand that while you are starting your business, you may want to keep your costs low, which is also why I like to always give free options where I can!


Hi, I’m Eileen!

I’m so happy to have created this course for you! I have a background in education, business & marketing, website development, and spirituality.

Several years ago, my husband and I started a DIY website from scratch and built up to what it is today. Through this, I learned everything about building and maintaining a website – the do’s and don’ts and should-have-dones.

Yet, I realized my passion wasn’t in sharing home improvement DIYs anymore.

Instead, I had such a strong drive to take my website knowledge and use it to help others with their heart-centered businesses.

So, I started helping clients create, develop, and maintain their soulful business websites. Yet, in this amazing time of more spiritual businesses coming to fruition, I wanted to reach more people in a more efficient way. So their businesses can reach more and more people!

And so, this course was born.

So much love, research, and beautiful energy were poured in. It is my hope that it helps your business move forward in new and beautiful ways!

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More Options

If you would rather have your website made for you, I also offer an option to create customized sites. However, I only have a couple of openings each quarter for custom websites, so if you are interested, please contact me soon!

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