Meet Eileen

Eileen is a wife, mother, poet, and writer who empowers others to find healing in hardship, to turn pain into beauty, and to find the glimmers that always exist in this world.

Eileen writes about trauma, grief, inner child healing, mother/father wounds, breaking old patterns, finding self-worth, and realigning with self.

Whenever Eileen has felt hardship, she has always circled back to the only outlet that ever fit – writing.

She writes to give voice to what she silenced and to tell her story.

She writes in release, in healing, in feeling and freeing all that she held onto for too many years.

Eileen has an upcoming poetry collection coming out this year.

It is her hope that her upcoming poetry book is a testament to others struggling with difficult experiences that you don’t have to stay stuck.

You can take the painful, challenging experiences, and not only heal, but find the beauty in them. You can walk away stronger, more resilient, with more love in your heart, and as your authentic self.

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Eileen lives by the beach in Florida, which is a dream come true.

Her office is the beach on a Tuesday morning, cupcake in hand, the pile of leaves in the middle of the pine forest, under any oak tree covered in moss, the waterfront at sunset, and the coffee shop where the peacocks cross.

That’s the beauty of writing!

She loves being with her family and others that she loves and adores, being in nature, laughing, telling stories, dreaming big, and being of service to others.

Eileen also hosts a creative gathering called Sunflower Club each month within the local community.

Additionally, check out her writing prompts to start telling your story, the one you’ve kept inside all these years.

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