The Gift of Poetry

Poetry has been such a beautiful gift of healing for me – both in writing and sharing my work. Poetry brings a certain solace that can’t be found in other forms of writing.

During recent years, I realized I was carrying too much trauma, pain, and grief. I felt called to write my way through it, but writing a nonfiction book or even detailing a journal felt way too heavy and vulnerable of a task.

However, writing poetry, where I can use metaphors, imagery, and other wordplay has been a beautiful, healing medium for me. It’s almost as if the pain came back up in a lyrical way, to dance its way out.

The splendor of poetry is that it allows for creative release in a safe way while weaving in the glimmers that arose. Similar to a painting, one won’t know all the nitty gritty details but one can feel the emotion, connect to it, and let it tell their own story.

Poetry is a beautiful way of self-expression, of art, of healing, of spirituality.

I currently host a creative community gathering every month in South Florida, where I share my poetry and hold space for others to do the same. If you are local, be sure to check out Sunflower Club.

Where you can find me!

You can find me on Instagram sharing pieces of writing, nature writing, clips from Sunflower Club, and other bits of creativity.